Coastal Classic

Let our relaxing full body massage elevate your mood and calm your mind. This massage will improve circulation while easing muscle aches and tension. Recommended for first timers
$120 for 60 minutes $180 for 90 minutes

Garden Therapy

This massage will be custom tailored for you, using soothing strokes and applying your choice of aromatherapy oils designed for their specific properties such as: Stress relief, Rejuvenation, or Energizing
$125 for 60 minutes, $185 for 90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm therapeutic massage that targets specific muscle groups. Designed to relieve built up tension and alleviate areas of chronic stress.
$130 for 60 minutes, $190 for 90 minutes

Prenatal Massage

Perfect for the mother to be, this massage will help alleviate the discomfort due to the changes the body goes through during pregnancy. (Not recommended for women in their first trimester)
$120 for 60 minutes

Salishan Signature Stone Massage

Take the level of relaxation to new heights incorporating hot stones. Warmth has long been recognized for its healing properties and increased circulation leading to relaxation.
$190 for 90 minutes

Side by Side

Relax with someone special in the perfect Salishan setting. Each with your own Therapist in a private couples room.
Price dependent on type of massage

Fire & Water

Your choice of sixty minute massage, body wrap, or scrub preceded by a relaxing and rejuvenating water therapy session in our private tub and fireplace suite.
$195 for 90 minutes, $350 for couples

Two Hour Massage

Your choice of massage experience for a full two hour period. Price dependent on type of mass.
Automatic 19% gratuity applied to this service