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Another Great Family Memory thanks to Google!

Another Great Family Memory thanks to Google!

This is our family visiting Google. Our older son was selected to be in a Google Ad so they flew our family to San Jose, CA and gave our family a tour of Google! This trip was another great memory for our family.

We have not had the opportunity to stay at The Salishan but I am hoping The Salishan would be able to change that. My husband of 19 years, was diagnosed with brain cancer almost two years ago. Our two sons and I are trying to squeeze in as many memories with him, as his time with us has been shortened.

Would The Salisham be able to help contribute to our family memories by offering us a weekend get away? This would be a wonderful distraction from ‘cancer’ for all of us and now that he is on disability our finances do not offer us any room to get-away.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you.

-Jenifer Curtis