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A Wonderful Sunday Fishing Trip

A Wonderful Sunday Fishing Trip

I was up early for fishing i got down to the river and was fishing for hours with no bites I see guy and his friend come down and they got 2 fish each in a hour.

I was thinking dam what am I doing wrong I see one of the guys motion to me I thought he was waving to a friend up river he then walk over to me says come over here I will get u some fish so he gives me some tips and first cast out with in 10 seconds fish on I got it to the bank after seems like 15 min well I was not able to keep it then I cast out again with in 10 seconds another fish i got this one was nice one big one then I am sore lol it is a work out then I have 4 more on they get off then i get my second fish it was big too well come to find out the guy who had went out of his way to show and give guy some tips was fishing guide.

Also a very nice guy to help others get some fish that day if anyone coming down wants guide to go out in boat or on the bank I also think he is hunting guide as well look him up Justin at

-Neil Salter