Viva Verdant

Salishan Spa & Golf Resort is always working to decrease its footprint on the Oregon Coast, while continuing to be an integral part of the welfare of our community.  

Community Impact

Salishan’s Corporate Responsibility Program has merged with the livelihood of the Oregon Coast.  We employ many households, support numerous local causes and have created a donation stream to distribute unused food and meeting products to help fulfill community needs.

Salishan’s supply chain supports a large network of local providers and reduces carbon emissions drastically by minimizing transportation channels.

Environmental Impact

Our golf course is Audubon Certified and has a minimal consumption watering system.  Salishan’s landscape hosts native plants which help protect against flooding and water waste allowing us to work with the land, not against it.

Salishan encourages the use of china and metal flatware, but provides compostable or recyclable alternatives when requested.  Through these alternatives, and tedious measures taken in lighting efficiency, water use reduction, and HAVC use reduction, Salishan is making great strides towards shrinking their environmental impact.

Looking Forward

Salishan is currently expanding their commitment to sustainability most notably by reducing their use of landfills. Salishan plans include:

  • Expanding its Recycling Initiative into the guestrooms.
  • Creating a resort-wide composting project in conjuncture with the North Lincoln Sanitation Company.
  • Decreasing the use of plastic water bottles.
  • Encouraging exhibitor-use of the Salishan Re-cycle and Re-purpose Program.