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About Salishan

Surrounded by spectacular Oregon coastal forest and tranquil Siletz Bay, Salishan Spa & Golf Resort has been the ultimate Oregon coast haven for fifty years. Come relax in our newly-remodeled guest rooms, play a round of golf at our gorgeous 18-hole course that winds through the forest and along the bay shore, or indulge all of your senses in a luxurious spa treatment. Hike miles of trails, explore the shore via our private beach access trail, or simply sip a local craft beer or glass of Oregon pinot noir in one of our outstanding restaurants. Salishan is proud to maintain the legacy of our legendary founder, John D. Gray, by providing the best possible home away from home, whether you are traveling with family or coming to the coast for a business retreat. Come stay with us, and embrace all that Salishan has to offer.

Heritage of Salishan

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"All who come here will be renewed by the experience of being in the midst of giant spruces, hemlocks, firs and pines, by the sound and smell of the surf, by the sight of the cranes in the marshes and of the sandpipers on the beach."
Barbara Fealy, Salishan landscape architect

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"It’s like stumbling into your dreams. A place you know exists but you can’t find."
John Storrs, Salishan architect

John D. Gray - the quiet lion

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Fifty years ago, visionary developer John D. Gray and his partners built that place of your dreams on the spectacular central Oregon coast – Salishan Resort.

Gray, a native Oregonian, was the consummate self-made man. From humble beginnings, he earned business degrees from Oregon State University and Harvard, serving his country in World War II between degrees. After Harvard, he took an entry-level job with Oregon Saw Manufacturing, a company that made parts for logging chain saws, and bought the company in 1953. The company thrived under his leadership, and he sold it in 1984 (as Omark Industries) for $268 million.

Gray was also engaged in real estate and development projects, building Salishan, Sunriver Resort near Bend, Skamania Lodge in the Columbia Gorge in Washington, and John’s Landing in Portland. With all of these projects he demonstrated that environmental sensitivity and development are not mutually exclusive; he always aimed to develop in harmony with the natural environment. His immense success let him to become a generous philanthropist, giving millions to causes such as the Oregon Symphony, Reed College, OMSI, and Habitat for Humanity, among many others. He served on a wide range of boards and committees, and was particularly active in supporting Oregon’s strict land use policies.

Gray began purchasing the parcels of land that comprise the Salishan development in 1961. Construction of the homes on the Salishan Spit began in 1962, and the first nine holes of the golf course, which would become the back nine when the rest of the course was built, opened for play in 1964. Work on the lodge began in 1964, and the lodge opened in 1965. Room rates when the resort opened were $19-$40!

Gray was the visionary that spearheaded the construction of Salishan, but he had an incredible team to help make that vision a reality. Architect John Storrs pioneered the Northwest style of architecture, emphasizing the use of local woods, natural light, and harmony with the landscape. He also designed Portland’s World Forestry Center, the Oregon School for Art and Craft, and the Portland Garden Club building, among many other landmarks. Landscape architect Barbara Fealy was responsible for the feeling that Salishan grows organically out of the coastal forest. One of the first female landscape architects in the country, she got her start working on private gardens in the Portland area, and was among the first to emphasize the use of native plants in landscaping. Her credits include Timberline Lodge and the Sokol Blosser and Adelsheim wineries.

Salishan has been remodeled and elements have been added over the decades. The tennis center, one of the very few sets of indoor tennis courts on the Oregon coast, was added in 1971. The spa has been part of the Salishan experience for a decade. The golf course has undergone two major renovations: one in the mid-1990s under the leadership of golf course architect Bill Robinson, and again in 2003, by Jacobson/Hardy Golf Course Design. in 201, the resort underwent another multi million dollar renovation to the guestrooms, main lodge, and grounds.

John Gray, often called “The Quiet Lion,” passed away in 2012, but his spirit lives on in his philanthropic and real estate projects. Salishan is really a monument to his vision, his creativity, and his integrity.